Founded in 2010, Nightflyer was a Southwest Ohio bluegrass band that enjoyed a large, loyal and enthusiastic following. Their music would best be described as contemporary bluegrass with strong traditional roots, a little gospel, and bit of the blues thrown in. Particular attention was given to dynamic arrangements. They liked to mix things up, but always kept a very recognizable and unique "Nightflyer" sound. 

Rick Hayes played mandolin, sang an occasional lead vocal, and took on most of the emcee duties. He was joined by Richard Propps on guitar, lead vocals, and tenor harmonies. Tony Kakaris played bass, also an occasional lead vocal, and baritone harmonies. Tim Jackson was on the dobro, and a lead vocal here and there. The core group came together in September of 2011 with the final addition of Ronnie Stewart on the banjo, secondary lead vocals and tenor harmonies.

You can listen to and purchase music from their three albums -- Nightflyer; Rail River & Road; and Flight -- by clicking here. You can also find additional information on their social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. All three albums were recorded, produced, arranged and mastered here at Hayes Productions recording studio.

We were fortunate enough to have the video below filmed and produced by Shanon Rice and Matthew O'Pry of SNM Films. We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any additional questions about the band, please contact Rick via the "Contact Us" form.